Monday, 17 October 2011

Zeroth 2012

I am at here then. Pushed my way past the strange crowds to the front. It's hard to see here. The grey smoke is thick. On stage it looks like four armoured knights wearing hard light chain mail suits sat on horses made of fire, but it's a black cloud swirling around them now. I can hear whispers building into layers, I can't tell where they come from. They get louder and louder, hundreds of whispers now, all played at once. The edges on everything start to loose focus. A thick grey blur spreading across my field of vision, turning into multi coloured static feedback flickering across my eyes. Then, the sound of a diamond forming under pressure deep in a boiling volcano starts blasting out from a pyramid shaped speaker. Some buzzing bare green light bulbs drop from the ceiling. The cloaked eyes appear and signal to one another in secret blinks, each one punctuated with the sound of backwards lighting bolts played deafeningly loud. The cloaked eyes have inverted crystal monochrome rainbow smiles. They chatter their teeth in time to the pulse of the bands heartbeat. They are wearing masks but the masks are really them. Safe only under the green light. The stage lights start to get brighter and suddenly the band start to transform into every band that has or will ever exist, flickering through all styles and eras of time. They play every musical instrument that will ever be made in a special pluck blow hit strum press motion that passes through every dimension at once. They start picking up the hidden sub note underlying the macro structure of the universe. Gently lifting the music out of it's prison. A triangular gate opens and the drones wheel in the modified chair with the sacred fragment floating in the centre. The music rises even further. The fragment rotates, then starts shuffling into all possible elements. A hooded hologram beats it from a distance with long unknown metal sticks. Each strike creates a different sound. The air around it changes colour each time. Horned things flicker into existence and fly or crawl away turning back into sound waves after a few seconds of startled being. It's filling the room with something now. Every one's telephone is going off. When you answer it's more music speaking in time to the drum beat. It gets hard to stand, feeling more and more dizzy. It's my head now, the instrument is my head. Any movement makes a sound. I blink a startled choir. My thoughts transforming. My breathing peeled back and floating off in coloured layers of sound. Eyeball sound waves. Easy. Tune fragment into self, back in the birth room of the pin men. A hexagon interrupts the centre of the room folding those standing on it into another world for a few seconds. It's all triangles coming out of the stage again. We are right here now I think to myself, this is where we are now, this now, this now is the future and this is what we have. We have more future now than we can imagine.

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